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All businesses need meaningful ways of measuring how their brand performs against their competitors, and – crucially – against people’s expectations.

CX+ Confirms our belief; that providing excellent customer experiences is no longer enough. The most successful brands will also make efforts to delight their customers.

To calculate the CX+ score for each brand, we looked at two key components:


its CX performance index


its Experience Gap

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The only sector-specific index that measures the gap between brand promise and customer experience...and shows you how to close that gap.

First, be excellent

Our CX+ model evaluates the customer experience performance based on five key success factors, against which every brand is scored.

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  • Clear brand promise

    What the brand stands for is clearly articulated and understood

  • Empowered employees

    Employees provide proactive, responsive and empathetic service

  • Empowered customers

    Customers can ‘do it their way’ through frictionless and relevant digital and omnichannel excellence

  • Lasting memories

    Positive emotional moments are created throughout the customer journey

  • Exceptional delivery

    Delivers experiences which reinforce the brand choice. Generates loyalty, advocacy and greater customer lifetime value

Then, exceed expectations

By comparing the experience of current users with the perceptions and expectations of ‘considerers’, we can identify the size of the Experience Gap. This allows us to evaluate where potential over-delivery (a positive gap) and under-delivery (a negative gap) would arise, what causes this gap, and what associated risk or opportunity this gap represents.

Be a CX+ leader

We bring these two aspects of performance to identify our CX+ leaders:

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  • Bank A is disappointing customers by not meeting expectations. This negative gap is subtracted from their CX Performance score
  • Bank B is delighting customers with an experience that exceeds expectations. This positive gap is added to their CX Performance score

However, over-delivery (or under-promising) is only good to a certain extent….

  • Bank C’s very large positive gap represents a missed opportunity through its brand marketing and communications. Banks with a large positive gap will only have a maximum of 5 points* added to their CX Performance score.

*Our analysis demonstrates that a +5 gap is the point where the missed opportunity for the brand to attract new customers (as its marketing is under-promising) exceeds the positive effect of delighting current customers through exceeding their expectations.